Monday, August 13, 2018

Ernie B.

If you don’t know my grandpa- why you’ve sure missed out
Because knowing? And loving? That’s what he’s all about. 
Let me do you a huge flavor, his cute details I have wrote-
Just a glimpse of the dear life he led is pure JODYTOTE.

If you don’t know my grandpa- he’s the cream of the crop!
And boy will he make you feel that you’re the top of the top
Unless you tie up a game, you can bet that fast mister,
Will declare that was simply like kissing his sister!

If you don’t know my grandpa- then I have no eye dear
How you’d ever know that ping pong teams up nice with root beer
He’d rub you with his whiskers and make each day shine brighter 
And make sure to squash out all the loud barking spiders

If you don’t know my grandpa- that simply is not funny
He’d score nickels per golf win and make all folks feel sunny
He cheered on each person from the saint to the sinner
No ‘xcuse for unkindness- even chicken for dinner. 
And Karen And Paul and Lori and Kerry
Can all attest Grandpa- is really quite hairy

If you don’t know my grandpa- you’ve never laughed hard
Or been dealt a puppy toes oh heckles card
You’ve not witnessed a toilet made into fountain
Or sauntered the bonding trail straight through the mountains

If you don’t know my grandpa- I’d sooner have a boil
With sixteen cool grandkids to love on and spoil 
Or scare in the hot tub, please do close your eyes-
Or you’re in for a speedo- “surprise surprise!” 

If you don’t know my grandpa- Mr. Man you’re in trouble
For each main event he’s right there on the double
All dressed, looking sharp, freshly flowbee-ed a buzzin 
And making a fuss over each every cousin 

If you don’t know my grandpa- I’m sure he’d like you
He’d kick you the dog every time you felt blue 
He’d play you king’s corner or Mexican train 
And he’d let out a whimper with the smallest of pain

He’d never be caught without white socks and shoes
Rising up bright and early while he let’s grandma snooze. 
Good groceries, Um doggy when dinners were done
And you’d want to cheer loud for his each hole in one. 

If you don’t know my grandpa- that sure chaps my hide
You may never hear how he snatched up his sweet bride. 
He proposed through the mail with his love undisputable 
Put a ring on Geneil who was highly swim-suitable
For sixty-three years they we madly in love
(Some thanks to that speedo, fitting just like a glove)

If you do know my grandpa, then you’re just like me
You’ve been fed prime rib dinners and adored endlessly
He’s bragged to his friends that you hung the moon
He’s poured you a sodee and sang you a tune 
Of mares eating oats and lambs eating ivy 
And three little pigs as you slumber at nighty

If you do know my grandpa- he passed every test
To love him I’m lucky-  much more, I am blessed. 
He’s world’s greatest grandpa, and bishop and dad
Called Ernie B, Funpa or even Bropad

To find a soul good as his- chances are zero 
My grandpa’s my best friend- my grandpa’s my hero 
He stayed the course and he fought a good fight
To know him’s to love him … Yeah- that be right

-Hillary Collette  (August 11, 2018)

if you really don't know my grandpa... you will need some definitions and clarification to make sense of this here poem: 

Jodytote: everything is a ok, life is good, swell and happy 
What do you call a dear with no eye? No "eye" dear
Barking spiders: a case of the toots
When you need an excuse for something you don't want to do: I'm having chicken for dinner or I'd sooner have a boil
Puppy toes: club card
"Surprise, Surprise!: the first words grandpa said as a newly called bishop 
Mr. Man: What the pigs said as they bought house supplies (Mr. Man- can I buy myself some bricks?) 
Flowbe: hair clippers attached to a vacuum so the hair cleans up fast 
Kick the Dog: Grandpa kicks a pretend dog in a closet- making barking and whimpering noises
Chap my hide: that really bugs
Swimsuitable: Grandpa asked grandma to send him a picture of her in her swimsuit when they were dating! 
Favorite tune of grandpas: 

if Mares eat oats and does eat oats 
and little lambs eat ivy, 
a kid will eat I've too- wouldn't you?

oh the words sound queer 
and funny to the ear, 
a little bit jumbled and jivy 

but if mares eat oats
and does eat oats
and little lambs eat ivy

You're not lucky, you're blessed: grandpas words of wisdom
Bropad: Grandpa's name in op language
Yeah, that be right & we be cool: favorite phrases

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Happy Campers

5th Annual campout with the Pulhams and Tews... oh the joy! I love these friends so much. They are my forever people. They are the best of the best. Truly. We spent the night at Mutual Dell around the fire, playing capture the flag, burning Jill's 8th grade journal, wishing Cami a happy birthday with a chocolate cake and having wonderful conversations with people who only uplift and edify. Other memories: Late night chat just me and Jill, a total teenager group- fun to watch, Jane rubbing lotion all over the tent and her body, minions for the win, bakers gonna bake bit from cami, rainstorm upon arrival, dylan driving me home... just loving that all my kids were there camping together!

(post edit: at one point Cami said, "Oh hill! your kids just have so much personality!" I was holding Jane and she looked right at Cami and said, "Poop." Sheesh. No shortage of personality here).

3 months

Sweet Wells: sleeping from 9:30-6 and then back to sleep again (dreamy baby). Reflux (not so dreamy). losing the front part of his luscious hair- so darling. smiley and giggly- especially love his little shy smile. coos and seems to always say hi. 6 month clothes- chubster. looks like ellie some days and jane on others... some people even think Cal but mama doesn't see it. scooting around in his bed- close to rolling over. sucks on hands. loves to be sushed when hi tummy hurts. often talks himself to sleep (so sweet). double chins and kissable everythings. I love you baby boy!

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

You were the cutest

I can picture so well Grandma Jill saying so sincerely, "Oh Hillary- you were the CUTEST little girl."

It rolls through my mind so often as I watch my kids and my heart feels like it float... my little sweethearts are the cutest little people.

I think it when Jane brushes her hair from her face with her hand- trying on every outfit she (and her sisters) own. She stretches her arm out in front of the mirror- making a fancy poss and declaring she is a princess.

I think it when she stumbles into our room and before seeing the baby she mutters: Wellington is smiling at me. She then proceeds to kiss me and snuggle me- so fresh and warm from a nights rest.

I think it when Ruby is so proud to show me she has reorganized the pantry with a lazy susan- just like mimi did. Her blue glasses slip down her nose- and her freckles are perfectly placed.

I think it when Ellie reads and reads. and reads. Books- all day everyday with some time for playing dolls and organizing on the side. I love that she helps me- to cook, to tidy, to load the kids, to wipe faces, to dress, to hold Wells, to hug me.

I think it when Dylan is convincing Jane to wear something other than a tutu. Somehow he manages to put "Frozen" shorts on her small chunky legs that give her powers to freeze her big brother when she touches him. He can only be unfrozen with a kiss.

I think it when Cal tells me he loves me (still) multiple times a day or how everytime I take them somewhere he is the first to say, "Mom, thank you for such a fun day!"

I think it when we lay on Ellie's bed talking about how she's doing and what she needs. She's an open book and just needs a little peace and quiet to really open up. She laughs easy and is simply beautiful.

I think it when Wells give such big shy smiles and when he gets distracted nursing because he just wants to be social. How I loves to smell his little neck and chat with my tiny boy.

I think it when Cal is sitting in the front of primary just glowing as he waits to share the scripture. He grins and waves and makes me feel like I'm practically famous.

I think it when I ask my kids to be really good listeners- and find them, chores complete, car packed, sitting nicely in there buckles (even Jane) as requested. Oh the joy.

I think it when I cry missing Grandpa, and Ellie hugs me right away and cries with me, comforting me and making sure I'm ok. And then wants to hear stories and know all that she can.

I think it as I clean up the basement today- finding traces all over of school teacher Ellie. I know Cal and Ruby have been her students for hours: pretending, learning, singing and loving each other.

I am so thankful I am the mom to the CUTEST little people in the whole wide world. They remind me to be better.  I fall short and they just keep on loving.

Birthday with my Bran

He just gets me.

Furniture shopping in Salt Lake and eating all day long for a birthday celebration. Um. Yes please.

Thank the heavens Miss would watch our kids while we had time just the 3 of us. Wells was the most darling baby (as always) and I love having time with just two of my boys.

Brandon really is the best. I could talk to him for hours upon hours... and I do. And I love it. He listens, he laughs, he always wants to know more. He guides me, comforts me and cheers me on. Not a day goes buy that he doesn't share how much he loves me and how I am his favorite everything.

So 24 solid hours of just him made for a happy birthday. We bought croissants and tarts at the Windy ridge bakery, a Norwegian breakfast at Finn's and dinner and dessert at Cheesecake factory. Died and went to heaven!

And if the food wasn't enough, we found dining chairs for our new house and the next morn I found a brand new Crate and Barrel sectional on KSL for a screaming deal and had the time to get it- kidless. (miss really saved us). We slept soundly in our own bed and then Wells and I took the best bath while he snuggled and slept on me for sometime- he is perfectly delicious.

It was wonderful. Oh and I got some new clothes.

So the moral of this story is: I love Brandon. I am so excited to move into our new house. I love my kids immensely- but appreciate them even more after a smidge of time away. I love time one on one with my babies. And I had the very happiest birthday.

Oh. And food is my thing.

Happy birthday to me. This year has been really peaceful, really quite happy, simple and sweet. I'm so thankful my baby wells is here. This coming year will be one of the best yet- I can feel it. Fresh starts, sweet baby to love on, darling wonderful truly beautiful kids, the best my marriage has ever been and a new home to fill with memories and people we adore.

I have felt overwhelmed with blessing. Yes, the challenges of this summer have not been of short supply- but with them has come so much peace and goodness too. Heavenly Father pours blessings on me that blow me away with how good he is. Lorna coming to be our neighbor? Jenilyn and John just a few doors down? Wow. So much better than I could have planned. I am so grateful.

(post edit: this was a few days before my actual birthday. My day of birth was actually spent potty training Jane, where she made me some undesired presents. But all is well- opposition in all things. The kids made me a movie theatre and we watched Beauty and the Beast. Brandon made me a delicious steak dinner topped off with cake. And the cake my mom brought. And the cookies Lorna brought. And they all know me so well. And lorna had a sleepover. a great day too. minus the poop.)

Birthday Eve

The stars aligned- Wells was asleep. Jane was asleep. The weather was perfection and the night was young... and Cal was in the mood to be my bike ride buddy. He didn't even mention Brandon tag along- his usual bff.

So me and my boy rode off into the sunset. Two houses down he called, "I love you mom!" Oh I love you too sweet Cal. He showed me the way- zipping along the Traverse Mountain trail like a pro. Turn here, look there, wait for how cool. He knew all the tricks from past rides with the family while I stayed home to nurse our new babe. And then I saw it, the overlook atop the free way was really quite as stunning as this sweet 6 year old had built up. We stopped to play lava monster and then took pictures on the picnic table- even kissing ones. He giggled as we ran for the timer and held hands for poses. Then he suggested we boogie for a video that we could put to the music, "I'm on top of the world!"

I have the whole world with you Cal. You have the very best hearty laugh. The shiniest eyes. The most curious little spirit. I was tickled driving home that we'd stop to climb and tree and that when I asked you who gave the best kisses- it was a tie. Dad's for the pokies and mom's for the softest. And as we rode through the sprinklers you just grinned, "Mom, isn't this just the funnest?"

Yes Cal. You are my funnest most lovable adventure.

I love you- love mom.


My cute Grandpa died today.

He is my favorite.

8 years since his stroke and he's still just pleasant, grateful, hilarious and kind. He never complained. I want to be like him. Making everyone laugh and feel loved- he's my hero.

The last time I talked to him, Jane sauntered in and just wanted to snuggle with grandpa- as close as she could. He told her "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" and she rubbed his face and neck- kissing him and telling him she loved him. Later I went to feed the baby- sending him off with a kiss and Brandon to chat with him for awhile. Brandon said Jane kept wanting to kiss Grandpa so he held her close to him for a smooch and she jumped on his chest. He bellowed in pain... in cute grandpa style. Always a bit dramatic- but Jane just had to get to him. We left Dylan that night for a sleepover and he was able to be with Grandpa a bit more too.

Today I called my mom to see how Grandpa was doing- not good. So on my way to take my kids to swim at a new friend's house- I stopped to see him. He was completely unresponsive, grey and breathing very hard. The hospice nurse arrived while I was there and told us that he had hours or days to live. I whispered I love you- kissed and loved him and cried. It reminded me of soon after his stroke I rushed to the hospital (Brandon's so good to just get up and go when I need to) and I laid in Grandpa's bed and just cried and cried and held him- I can't believe that he has suffered for 8 long years since. Today I promised, whether he could hear me or not, to be back in a couple of hours with the kids. Sadly, we didn't even have a couple hours- he died less that and 45 minutes after I left- after dad and Paul gave him a blessing that he would have joy.

And oh the joy he must have had. I've been thinking about it all day- not just as a nice thought- but the reality that was able to kiss grandma and hold her close and see Nicole. I think Brent was there too. I am so grateful for eternal families- because grandpa is someone you want to love for always.

Grandpa- thank you for being the best grandpa a girl could ever want. You made me feel like I'm your favorite... and typing that, I think I just might be. Thank you for walks on the bonding trail and cheering me up with a good kick the dog. Thank you for showing me how to make others feel special and for never saying an unkind word- ever. Thank you for loving my kids and treating Brandon like a king when he came to sell alarms and stayed at your house. Thank for teaching Dylan to golf and for coming to all my stuff as a kid. You tell the best jokes, give the best best kisses and are the dearest most darling grandpa. I miss you already. But I know you will watch over me because we have a special bond and you are forever my grandpa.

I love you.

(writing this while ellie reads over my shoulder. we just cried. we needed some cheering up- so I went and kicked the dog in the shoe closet xox).

Post edit: Before I was thinking to have wells, Grandpa said we had another little boy coming to our family. He said his name was brent... which I love... but since we had a little Calvin Brent, we went with Scott- my cute dad. I think it's really special that grandpa was so close to heaven.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Sweet Service

On Monday Cal sighed- this is the busiest day ever! And it was... busy doing good. I am so thankful for service- it is the secret key to my happiness. I hope to always teach my kids to get outside of themselves and find someone who needs them. Monday was especially packed with love for people we care so much about- I went to bed happy tired and hope for a day soon like it.

We made dinner for Grandma Lorna. We love her so much- and would do anything for her... but dinner is an easy start- our treat for sure. We chowed down spaghetti and french bread, followed with looking at floor plans and dreaming about our wonderful upcoming setup.

In between making and eating, we met Lorna and Barbs house. Only Lorna can act like no big deal as we wait for Barb to leave while half my kids are hanging out the sunroof and the other half are screaming or begging to be held. Pure chaos. Then we "snuck" into Barbs house (she left the alarm off for us) and plastered her house in pictures of our family with little notes everywhere. Lorna made a bouquet of delicious organics fruits and veggies and we hung the sign Luke made declaring our love! How fun!

At dark that evening, Jill and I gathered old and new cranberry farms friends on Dani Madsen's front lawn. Her son, Isaac, recently returned home from his mission so he could be with his mom before she dies from a hard battle with brain cancer. I love my dear friend and the time we spent serving in Relief Society together. I wanted to do something- so Jill emailed and texted as many as she could and, with only 2 days noticed, I would guess at least 150 people showed up- It was a reverent site. We sang Dani's favorite hymns while each held a candle. I felt the spirit wash over us all with true love- charity really- for this beautiful friend as we sang "I know that my Redeemer lives", "Where can I turn for Peace?" and, "I feel my Saviors Love."

I feel my Saviors love as I try to be like him. Even my small attempts bring great blessings and I am in awe at the goodness in my life, surrounded by truly wonderful moments.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Church part 2

Going to church with a two year old is like going to church with a monkey.

Last week I left with tired arms from wrestling my little monkey with pigtails and a yellow dress- and a few hurts from being kicked in the shins with salt water sandals.

During the Sacrament I held her close as we ate the bread- whispering that this was to remember Jesus's body. "FINKING OF JESUS'S POTTY!? Dat's so silly mom!" When you are whispering it is hard to teach a little person the difference between body and potty- but I sure tried. I touched her arm and her face and showed her the pieces of her body. No luck. I switched gears. And she listened very closely... Jesus died for you because he loves you. He made it so we could all be together again. She seemed to be getting it... so again, they hurt his body and we want to think about him while we eat the bread. Her face lit up, "JESUS DIED ON THE TOILET!"

Church part 1

Starting a new ward with a new talker can be a bit of a challenge.

Sure, it's ok for Jane to narrate our entire life at home (Wellington miled at me, I waked up, I tooted), but when we are surrounded by new faces and she's wondering why everyone does everything- we hold our breath.

Our ward has many kids with handicaps- and my heart just loves them all so much already. I want my kids to be kind and connected to people who are different from them- but Jane is just so curious about them- in a vocal loud way. Someday will get there- but until then we are trying to make progress...

Last week we sat in front of a darling girl who had almost a permanent look on her face and Jane could not stop staring. She asked, "What is that?" Which I've decided means, "Who is that?" So we whispered about what a special girl she is- a new friend- and finally Jane belted out, "What is you name?" Then she impersonated the look on her face many times and said, "Why her do that?" More whispers about how Heavenly Father made her special and Jane softened- blowing her kisses and asking, "Her is so nice?"

Yes Jane. She is so nice. And so special to Heavenly Father.  All I wanted to do was close sacrament meeting, give this sweet girl a hug and find out her life story. I wanted my kids to feel the compassion I felt- compassion that just flowed.

My heart reaches out to this sweet girl who's needs are more evident- and it is easy to love. Easy to want to give. Easy knowing she is so precious to God. And yet, I'm realizing- we all have handicaps much harder to grasp. We have hurts and hardships and shortcomings not quite as obvious. But instead of more love and more compassion- sometime I build walls. I judge and assume- I distance and decide. But wouldn't more love heal all hearts? Isn't patience and charity my only hope?

I want to work on this: to expect less of others, to love unconditionally, to assume others are giving their best, to light up whenever I see my children and to forgive quickly.

As my sweet Jane sings at bedtime, "Jesus said love EVERYONE, treat them kindly too. When you heart is filled with love- others will love you."

2 Darling Months

Oh Wells. We have loved you forever- or so it seems. What would we do without your sweet baby noises, your perfect coos and your precious smiles? We may get more sleep- but that's highly overrated. We are just so thankful you are here. We're so glad your hair is here to stay too. Do you know just how handsome you are? Daily people see that head of hair and simply can't believe it. You are a little love magnet... even Jane sees you from far away and she melts at your cuteness. I hear the kids see you doing some new trick (like tummy time or that strong neck of yours) and then they go to report it to the rest of the group... ohing and awing with the wonderfulness of it all. It doesn't stop at siblings. You are completely adored by your cousins. Kate Giles cries when she thinks of leaving you and everyone is kissing and holding and wondering when there turn comes next with baby Wellington. Me and dad love when the kids are finally tucked in bed and we have a chance to catch up with you- cooing and smiling and content to have our undivided attention.

You have THE cutest smile! So much love from one small pleasant face- looking like you have a little secret to share. I wish you could share just what you are thinking. Many times your tummy seems uncomfortable and you have cried much more than our other babes. You just started reflux medicine and we hope that does the trick. I love your sour face as you try to down the medicine. I love to study your small neck, chubby fingers and perfectly wild hair. You are my sweet little sunshine- 14 pounds 4 ounces of straight love.

I love you Wellington Scott... you remind me to be kinder, softer, sweeter- that there's always time to sit an soak you up. I'm so thankful that Heavenly Father gave me you and I promise to love you always my perfect boy.

xox Mom

Monday, July 2, 2018

Happy Birthday Toothless!

Just in time for turning 6- Cal lost his first tooth. It makes him look insta-old and like a teenager. A teenager with a missing tooth. But thankfully I have years until then and for now he is my most darling, sweet, handsome, kind, smiley six year old boy. I love you Cal! I love your completely adoration of Daddy and Jane. You make them feel like a million bucks. I love your innocence- so pure and sweet. I love your little bum in those superman underwear and your snuggly little self in one of dad's big blue shirts. I love that right now you are playing house or dolls or school with the girls- and just nothing but a good sport. I love that you are brave. I never see you act shy or less confident in new situations- you just go for it! Like when you sang a solo while trying out for Frog and Toad... that blew me away. You are a good friend. You have loved being friends with Asher this year and I just love what a fuss you make over him. You are so smart and sharp- the best little reader and you've been amazing at wanting to do well in school... very responsible! You are doing so great with reading the illustrated scriptures and are a rockstar for being almost done memorizing the living Christ. Way to stick with it!! You love to play legos and cars- and are the best card player! I love playing Skipbo and Uno with you and you LOVE to wrestle with dad. Cal I love you so much. Sometimes is the craze and the chaos of a big family I worry I can get to everyone like I really want too- never forget that I adore you. I watch you with so much pride and love- you make me so happy. And even if dad is your favorite- you will always be one of mine. I will love you forever sweet boy.

Party time!

Cousin presents and party at the reunion - Bday morning breakfast at McDonald's - Dylan home for the day - CRUMBL cookies from grandma - Incredibles 2 with the fam - checked out the new house... your bedroom was framed just for the big day - Scavenger hunt for presents.... as requested a remote control helicopter and candy necklace & for a surprise... a hoover board go kart (so much fun!) - JDawgs for dinner - Cruising with the new ride at the church parking lot - The Calvin game... where you wrote the answer exactly mirror image on your answer paper (amazing)! - you said it was the best birthday ever (HOORAY!!) - the very next day you went to Mcdonalds and shopping with Mim and Bop for legos and new clothes - birthday party coming right up!


Sunday, July 1, 2018

Happiest Ruby Days

While I worried that Ruby's birthday would be overshadowed by a brand-new babe and landing on Mother's day- I think I over compensated and she had nothing but party party party. Well deserved! It began in February when we told her she could also go to California with Ellie- what a treat! Fast forward to May... She had a date night with Mim and Bop- picking out her favorite outfits and flip-flops. Truly spoiled. She spent Saturday the 12th opening presents... a scavenger hunt by Dylan that led her to a new bike, watermelon purse, candy necklace and the cutest pinata. She tested out the new wheels on a family bike ride to Mim and Bops (Wells and I met them there)- where we devoured banana cream mudding with everyone... including uncle paul. We were shocked how sparkly the sparkler candle was! We also love playing the Ruby game and I just love how my kids want so badly to know each other the best! Food was a highlight for the day- lots of shrimp and homemade waffle luv! Sunday was more parties! A BBQ at the Giles house with a swing at that pinata- and crumbl ice cream sandwiches. And of course- a few weeks later the Baptism extravaganza.

Needless to say- we celebrated our Ruby. And how wonderful she is to celebrate. She has a smile that lights up the room. She is so naturally hilarious and clever and makes me laugh everyday. Her brain works in such a cute and imaginative way- I love it! I love that she's not afraid to be different and be herself... from her bright blue glasses to her little favorites that are different from the rest of the fam (i.e. opting out on chocolate dessert for something sour and lemon and her little tastebuds to always prefer the adult food and flavors). She is so affectionate. Always wanting kisses and loves. She is an excellent artist- I can't wait to see what she does with her talent. She's so sweet with Wells- and helps Jane every morning by just being her friend and really playing with her. Each morning she's up at the crack of dawn to brush her hair, dressed and ready, bed made, breakfast ate, ready to go. Sometimes she goes on walks with dad. She's so easy to talk to- easy to get over hurt feeling and just a bundle of love and sunshine. She is so easy to love- and all who know her know that. I love you Ruby Doll- with all my heart! Never stop kissing me and saying such sweet prayers. Never stop knowing just how special you are. XOXOX Mom

Wednesday, June 20, 2018


When he's eating salad he's Kale-ington
That makes his diaper pretty Smellington
Riding a train his Railington
And on a boat he's Sailington
If he makes a mistake he's Failington
When moving slow he's snailington
He'll need a tan if he's pale-ington
And he has 90 years until he gets to frailington
If he ever gets in big trouble he'd have to go to Jailington- in a Cellington
But don't worry, we would pay Bailington
When life is good he's Swellington
(and with him it always it)

Dear Dylan

I had a really wonderful week at the reunion. It was a true gift to see you so happy, so peaceful, so sweet. You are such a good boy- with a good heart. I know you want to follow Heavenly Father and I know you want to be close to your family. I could tell in the way you played with everyone... you make all the younger kids feel like a million bucks. Especially Jane- I watch you many times scoop her up, tell her how cute she is and beam when she said funny stuff. Which is often. You put others first and were helpful and uplifting wherever you went. You talked about how old Wells would be when you left and came home from your mission and you worried he wouldn't remember you. You got excited for Cal over new baseball cards and tell your sisters compliments. The little cousins look up to you and you are their sweet friend and play with everyone. You worked so hard to make the instagram game and did such a great job. I loved laughing with you over magic carpet josh and leprechaun drew. It really made my life easier to have your help with that- thank you! It was fun to see you and dad play on the lawn and I was glad you wanted to snuggle after I tucked Jane in one night and we laid on the fold out bed while I tickled your back and talked. Thank you for being helpful- making a campfire, cleaning up, helping younger kids, holding Wells, being grateful and making the funniest music video. Thanks for being affectionate and for telling me your thoughts. We really miss you when you are gone Dyl- but we are all so thankful for weeks like this one where we feel so close to you and so thankful that you are our boy.

I love you-